The Gandhi International Friendship & World Peace Plaza will be a monument to "Unity in Diversity". It will, when built, reflect this motto through its design: a central, multi-faced obelisk, where each face represents one of the partnering Asian communities. An inscription of a poem or other writing on the subject of cooperation, friendship, or world peace is placed on one face by each Birmingham Asian community participating in the Asian Cultural Center. The faces represent pride in the individual culture of that community, but the obelisk holding them represents the unity, friendship, and cooperation of the communities reflected in the building and operation of the Asian Cultural Education Center of Alabama and the Alabama Asian Cultures Foundation. There will be a paved plaza surrounding the obelisk using the same pavers to be used in the Chinese Garden, and having seats for visitors' rest and meditation. This will be surrounded in turn by a grassy area of flower beds and low plantings.  Placed within this green area will be objects d'art in the theme of international friendship, understanding and cooperation among peoples, or peace among nations. It is hoped that the embassy for each community/culture/nation represented on the obelisk will donate a piece of art to symbolize its support for these ideals.


  • •Serve as a venue for programs and events promoting world peace, individual freedom of expression, and international friendship and cooperation
  • Illustrate how "Unity in Diversity" can achieve results in a community like metro-Birmingham and a state like Alabama
  • Display art that expresses visions of world peace and understanding from the perspective of local Asian communities partnering in the Asian Cultural Education Center of Alabama
  • Provide a meditative perspective through art and a mix of manmade and natural beauty
  • World War II Memorial Park, Calgary Alberta, Canada

(Inspiration for metro-Birmingham's Gandhi International Friendship & World Peace Plaza)