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Our proposed Suzhou-style classical Chinese garden will be a place of beauty, quiet meditation,  and the admiration of the juxtaposition of the natural beauty of rock, water, and man's constructs, as well as the horticulturists’ art. 

This garden will feature flora - representing the forests of China - from areas of China that have similar climate to the north-central Alabama area, eroded river rock - representing the mountains of China - that will conjure images of people and things in the imagination of viewers, and water features including a waterfall - representing the rivers of China. All will be carefully made to highlight and compliment design features that allow unique viewing of artistic vistas throughout the garden.

The Garden located in Metro-Birmingham, Alabama, is envisioned as having an area appropriate for weddings and receptions, rooms and outdoor areas furnished for visitor's rest and meditation, a teashop serving light refreshments, and several large meeting/banquet rooms for special events.   

The Foundation has identified several suitable location in the Metro-Birmingham.   Watch the "News and Events" Section for the latest updates on our progress.

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Garden Functions 

Present a place of beauty and quiet meditation that promotes wellness in an urban setting

Offer a location for special events: weddings, banquets and receptions, festivals, artistic readings and musical presentations

Conduct horticultural research and educational programs for schools

Make available a public venue to memorialize local Chinese and non-Chinese citizens, and recognize Alabama corporations and foundations.

Present visitors with a sophisticated and international view of Birmingham and Alabama

Provide a teahouse for light refreshments and unique banquet/reception space

Provide a gift shop for tourists


Garden Funding

Funding for the initial capital required to acquire land, design, and construct the Classical Chinese Garden of Alabama is being sought from private, governmental, corporate, and foundation sources, as well as Foundation fund-raising events and campaigns.  Individual donations are welcome.  See the "Donate" Section.

Since it is anticipated that the Garden would be self-supporting within five years of opening (based upon data from similar gardens in other states), support for ongoing operations would come from the following sources:


  • Garden entrance fees

  • Horticultural research grants, other competitive grants, and shows

  • Facilities rental fees

  • Public donations/gifts and memorials

  • Government/corporate/foundation operating competitive grants

  • "Friends of the Chinese Garden" Association membership fees

  • Fees for weddings, receptions, and meetings (including catering fees)

  • Fees for Cultural Center programs and shows conducted in the Garden

  • Sale of Garden printed materials

  • Teashop and gift shop profits

  • Interest from an endowed maintenance trust fund included in the initial capital project

Garden Administration 

The Board of Directors of the non-profit Alabama Asian Cultures Foundation will raise funds, approve design of, and construct the Birmingham Chinese Garden.

A new, non-profit Classical Chinese Garden Association of Alabama shall then be incorporated and its first Board (which shall include four members from the AACF Board) shall be responsible for garden operations. The Association Board shall hire an Executive Director to hire staff and manage day-to-day garden operations.